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Our Mission


What is the meaning behind our logo & mission statement?

We are an inclusive community of faith

rooted in the love of Jesus Christ

growing, serving and transforming lives.

The Tree:

At first glance the image is a tree blossoming with colorful leaves. The tree represents vitality, growth and the seasons of life. We are a community of faith that follows the seasons of creation and the seasons of the church. From worship in our sanctuary to work in our gardens we embrace the cycles of life each year.

The Roots:

The tree has roots that connect us with the second line of our mission statement “rooted in the love of Jesus Christ.” The foundation of our faith and church is the love of Jesus Christ. Everything we do from bible study to missions work comes out of the love of God.

The Trunk:

The trunk is one and yet at a closer look there are three visible. This three in one trunk not only represents our Triune God but also the the three dimensional ministry of our mission statement, “growing, serving and transforming lives.” We are one body, the body of Christ, made up of three movements.

The Leaves:

The leaves are bright and colorful, enlightening the diversity of all God’s children. “We are an inclusive community of faith,” which means our branches include all people no matter their religious, cultural or family background. No matter who God has created us each to uniquely be, we are all part of God’s Church, partnering in God’s transforming work alongside one another.

BPBC Name and Circle:

Buechel Park Baptist Church is encircled in purple and green around the logo. The circle can represent many spiritual aspects like God’s eternal love and work in the work or the cyclical seasons. Purple is the color of redemption as we see through the season of Lent. Green represents the renewal of life that we see in ordinary time.