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Adults of All Ages

There are many ways for adults of all ages to grow, serve and transform lives togethers. 

Weekly Bible Studies

Sunday Mornings

Adults Sunday School (Bible Study) meets from 9:45 – 10:45 am each Sunday morning. 

Our adult classes that meet on our 3rd floor in the education building.

Berea Class is a coed class of middle age people who desire to study the Bible in an open and supportive environment. Our class encourages your participation through sharing, praying and class discussions of the lesson material. Please come as you are. We are an informal group that wants to create a welcome and inviting space for newcomers. There is always a pot of coffee.  Each week we share our praises and concerns and pray over them. We use the Formation series to guide our Bible study. We particularly focus on how the principles of the gospel apply to our lives in the 21st century.

Cornerstone Class is a coed class of young to middle age adults who examine Scripture in the light of its historical context so that we can more adequately understand how it applies to our daily life and world issues.  We believe that all points of view – liberal, moderate and conservative – have value and are therefore welcome and encouraged. Once a quarter, in lieu of a formal lesson, we enjoy a time of relaxed fellowship and a pot-luck style breakfast. Whenever possible, our class enthusiastically participates in either a community service project or some form of fellowship outside of church.

Unity Class is open to persons of any age, gender, and marital status. Current members range in age from fifty up.  The class provides an opportunity for serious Bible study in an open and accepting setting; our curriculum is the Uniform Bible Study series by Smyth & Helwys publishing. Members examine scripture as it relates to their daily lives through sharing experiences, insights, and questions. Each year the class cooks and serves a Sunday dinner for homeless people at Jeff Street at Liberty.

Sacred Spirits

Adults ages 21 and older are invited to engage in Bible Study and conversations about culture, God and everyday living at Krazy Dave’s Bar and Grill (2817 Del Rio Pl #2340, Louisville, KY 40220) at 7:00 pm on most Tuesday evenings.

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Upcoming Events

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