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2018 Officers:

Joyce Bell, Chair

Carrie Bearden, Chair-Elect

David Martin, Secretary/Treasurer

Nancy Crothers, Asst. Secretary/Treasurer

2018:  Joyce Bell, Jim Carter, Carla Fentress, David Martin

2019: Carrie Bearden, Jan Causey, Nancy Crothers, Charlie Thurman

2020:  John Condron, Kathy Leichty, Bettie McCormick, Tom Rohleder

Deacon Emeriti: 

Bob Blaser, John Brown, Charlie Gatton, Roxie Hoffman, Tom Howard, Jack Pontrich,

Ken Raymond Sr., Julia Tate, Wendell Todd

Deacon Ministry Teams:

Benevolence:  Jim Carter, Nancy Crothers, Carla Fentress, Tom Rohleder

Communion:  Carrie Bearden, Kathy Leichty, David Martin, Charlie Thurman

Hospital Visitation:  Joyce Bell, Jim Carter, John Condron, Kathy Leichty, Bettie McCormick

New Members:  Jan Causey, Carla Fentress, Tom Rohleder, Charlie Thurman

Shepherd Ministry: Jan Causey, Nancy Crothers, David Martin, Bettie McCormick

Our Diaconate may consist of three (3) deacons elected for each one hundred (100) active church members. Deacons shall be nominated and elected in the Fall of the year except when filling a vacancy. The term of office will normally begin on January 1 and will be for three years or until a successor is elected. No deacon will be re-elected to the diaconate except that he or she be inactive for one (1) year prior to re-election.